Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good News & Not So Good News

Yesterday I had an appointment with my midwives and I have good news and some not so good news. Let's start with the good news, you know the glucose test that I had been stressing about for the past 7 months? Well, I passed with flying colors! My blood sugar level was at 90 and it needed to be under 130. I have been trying to stay active and eat well because I'm at risk for diabetes with my family history so it obviously paid off.

As for the not so good news, my blood pressure was slightly elevated and in the home birth world this is a red flag. At previous visits my blood pressure has been consistently perfect so this was not something I expected. I'm definitely the type of person who internalizes stress and boy have I been feeling the stress this week, this might be why my blood pressure is elevated. I typically handle stress much better (I'm a family counselor - I deal with stressful situations on a daily basis) but I think I just have too much on my plate right now and I need to learn how to just shrug off the things that I can't control instead of dwelling on them. Ready for more bad news? Lately I've been experiencing a dull aching pain in my right side. It could just be stretching or round ligament pain but my midwives wanted to play it safe and ordered blood work to test my kidney/liver levels.

I have a follow up appointment with them next Thursday and in the meantime I need to stop by our local fire department everyday to get my blood pressure taken (who knew that they offered that service) and I also need to stay away from processed foods (which I've been trying to do anyway). They encouraged me to swim for exercise now that the temps are rising and walking outside is no longer feasible. They also want me to take it easy and ordered Mr. Baby Fever to take over all of our household chores, which I will happily do. So basically I need to majorly de-stress, get more sleep, continue to eat well and get in some swimming. Wish me luck, I feel like crying at the thought of not having my home birth and I of course above all want my baby to be healthy.

30 weeks pregnant


  1. Well, I'm glad you're glucose test went so well! I wasn't paying any attention to mine and I got a 129! Wow.

    I hope everything else turns out ok and that you can have this home birth that you so want! And, I told Jason about a month ago, that when the urge to nest hits me, my version of nesting will be to call a maid service to have them clean the house! What did he do yesterday? He called and got quotes on a top to bottom cleaning of our house! He's a good man! Let me know how it all goes!

  2. Thanks Katie! Yes, what a good hubby you have there!! I told Mr. Baby Fever that the midwives ordered him to take over all of the chores and he was so sweet about it and didn't complain once - I think he's just worried about me. Let me know if you find a reasonably priced cleaning service, that would be so nice right before the birth!