Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blood Pressure

My blood pressure was still slightly elevated yesterday morning when I had it checked at the fire department (they were super nice there btw), but I was also rushing around and sleep deprived. I should mention that my blood pressure level is definitely not something that an OB would be concerned with but my midwives are overly cautious, which is one of the main reasons why I picked them. They wouldn’t chance having a home birth at the cost of my health or my baby’s health. I spent most of yesterday just completely chilling out and resting (well, resting as best as I can rest - I always need to be doing something) and my friend's husband (who is a police officer/medic) took my blood pressure last night and it was back to normal. He left one of his electronic blood pressure cuffs with me (yay for not having to go to the fire department daily) and my blood pressure was still normal this morning! Looks like I’m getting the hang of this chilling out thing. I really think that my elevated blood pressure was due to stress – I need to be completely stress free for the next 10ish weeks. The pain in my side has decreased but I can still feel my muscles stretching in that area so maybe the baby is having a growth spurt? I get my blood results on Tuesday, let’s hope that everything comes back normal.

30 weeks & 1 day pregnant


  1. Hey! I hope everything works out OK. :) I stumbled upon this and thought you might find it interesting:

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