Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bradley Method Class - Week 4

Tonight is our 4th Bradley Method class and while our instructor is still incredibly annoying, we're still getting a lot out of it. Week 2 we learned about how Mr. Baby Fever can better support me and his role during pregnancy, labor and delivery. We watched a fairly disturbing birth video and to my surprise Mr. Baby Fever didn't pass out, I was the one fidgeting and ready to pass out lol! I think our instructor was appalled when I told her that I didn’t want to see my baby coming out of my vagina during delivery through a mirror. I think that birth is incredible/amazing/beautiful but I personally don’t want to see it. I might change my mind while I’m in the moment but right now I’m quite ok with my belly blocking my view! Week 3 was by far the most informative class yet, we learned about the different stages and signs of labor. Mr. Baby Fever also learned how to count my contractions and we talked quite a bit about the affects of pitocin/epidurals. We end each class with a different relaxation technique that we could potentially use during labor…this is my favorite part of class! I’m actually looking forward to class tonight, despite our instructor going on and on and on and on about herself…

25 weeks & 3 days pregnant

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