Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Girl Nursery

I secretly love that Mr. Baby Fever responds "that's nice" to everything nursery related I show him, because that means I can do whatever I want in there within our budget. After Thursday, project nursery will be full speed ahead. That room has been empty far too long and I'm excited to get started!

So with that said, I can't exactly walk into that ultrasound room on Thursday without a girl theme when I have a boy theme all ready to go. We'll already be walking in there without a girl name and seeing as how I dreamt it was a girl, I need to put my pink thinking cap on.

I *think* I've finally decided on a nursery idea for a little girl. This is an extremely rough draft of my idea and I reserve the right to make a million modifications to it. Because I'm not really into themey nurseries (not that these aren't cute, they just aren't for me), my girl nursery will draw its inspiration from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern fabric. I picture lots of pinks, yellows and blues with birdie accents. I give you my (very very rough draft) girl nursery idea board...

Pinks, Yellows, Blues and Birds

18 weeks & 2 days pregnant