Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Still Thinking Pink

Remember my Girl Nursery Post from yesterday? Well, I like that idea but I'm not sure if I LOVE it. I told you I was indecisive with all things girl related. Naturally, because of this, I will most likely be having a girl lol. Lately I've been thinking more and more about doing a mustard and pink color scheme. I have this unnatural obsession with mustard yellow but I'm afraid that it is only a temporary obsession and after a year I will hate it (although I can't see that happening right now). I want something that our little girl (if that is what we are having) will be able to grow into.

After several hundred (thousands?) of searches for the perfect girl crib bedding, I've returned empty handed. That is when I decided that I will have a fabulous Etsy seamstress custom make our bedding and the search for the perfect fabric commenced. Going with the two color schemes that I like, I'm trying to decide between this fabrics by the fab Amy Butler:

(Option 1) Pinks, blues and yellows (the blues don't match in the pic but I've *heard* that they match in person):

Bad example (picture the yellow where the icky tan is and the blue fabric as the skirt - or I might just do a solid blue) from Baby Bedding:

(Option 2) Mustard yellow and pink (why do I love this so much?!):

Gorgeous example by babydarling:

I need your feedback creative people. Any other fabric suggestions? Vote on which option is your favorite or if you have ideas, I would love to hear them!! If you haven't noticed, I am a crazy type-A planner lol!

18 weeks & 3 days pregnant


  1. I'm not sure how much infant poop you have seen... but it is mustard yellow. As much as you might love the color now, you might not want to see anymore of it than you have to in just a few weeks!!

  2. I personally like the second choice better! :)

  3. The last picture isnt bad, I personally have a totally different taste though, so its hard to choose, but definately not a big fan of the first selection...I posted pictures on my blog site, we did pink, green, and brown with ladybugs.

  4. I like the pink and yellow. I love it, in fact. Can you let me know where you found the fabric?

  5. Thanks everyone, I think I'm starting to LOVE the second option and actually hate the first option lol! Maybe I'll try putting together an inspiration board and see what I think after that.

    mkemily - The fabric is by the fabulous Amy Butler, there is a link in my post to her website :)

  6. Love the pink and yellow together! I have a friend who is pregnant with a girl right now and is doing pink and a limey green. So pretty too.

  7. Hi, I just found your blog and I am enjoying reading it! I LOVE the mustard yellow idea! There is so much you can add to it if you get sick of it...turquoise, pink, purple, green! My vote is for bedding set #2! Good luck designing!