Monday, March 8, 2010

3 More Days

...until we find out the sex! So, cast your vote in the poll to your right!!

So you can make an educated guess:
- I craved peaches and eggs in my first trimester.
- I'm now craving Mangoes and most recently Kumquats.
- The Chinese Lunar Calendar says boy.
- The online old wives tale quiz said 60% boy.
- I was nauseous the majority of my first trimester and just started feeling better at week 17.
- All family members are saying boy (except my mom).
- I had a feeling it was a boy in the beginning but after a pregnancy dream I'm now thinking girl.
- Mr. Baby Fever dreamt that we're having a girl.
- We really don't have a gender preference.

(On a more serious note, check out THIS article for more info on what to ask during your anatomy u/s)

18 weeks & 2 day pregnant


  1. I'm voting girl. And thanks for posting the article. I hope and pray the u/s tech is talkative - I hate when they aren't. The last one answered one of my questions: "can you see the nasal bone" with "why are you asking me that? Have you been reading the internet? Or are you a physician?" Hate. that. Good luck, hope the baby is cooperative and I can't wait to find out!!

  2. What a horrible u/s tech!! You are asking questions because you are a concerned mother!!