Thursday, January 7, 2010


I just feel so incredibly grateful to be pregnant, especially when we didn't think this was going to happen for us and especially when so many couples continue to struggle. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel beyond blessed to be growing this little bean. Our 2nd ultrasound was on Monday and it was absolutely amazing seeing our baby's heartbeat for the first time. Our little one was wiggling around and waved at us - I'm so in love already! The heart rate was at 150, which the tech said was in the normal range (whew). Baby measured at 9 weeks and 5 days - not too far off of my charting calculations of 9 weeks and 2 days. I could have stayed there staring at the monitor all day if they let me!

I went in for my 3 hour glucose test on Tuesday and I'm just praying for normal results. I'm really dreading gestational diabetes because I not only want a healthy pregnancy/baby but I also know that there is a high chance that I will get diabetes after pregnancy. I'm really dreading this because most of my family members with diabetes have had complications (blindness, amputations, etc.) due to diabetes. I'm really trying to get my sugar level in check regardless of the results and I'm planning on making an appointment with a nutritionist to come up with a meal plan.

In other news, I received The Belly Book in the mail yesterday from my awesome mom! I'm a little sad that I just started taking pictures to track my progress but my baby bloat wasn't making me feel very photogenic.

Aprox. 9 weeks & 5 days pregnant


  1. Such a beautiful little one! Congrats, You're almost 10 weeks, that's awesome!

    I go in for my first ultrasound next week, I'm so excited. I'll be 6w4d so I'm not sure if we'll hear a heartbeat or not. I hope we do..

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy. I bet you fill so blessed I look forward to following your blog. I always look forward to the ultra sounds no matter how far along I am...Enjoy

  3. You've got an award! Go to my blog to check it out. :)

  4. I found your blog from Anne's at The Makings of Baby Ostie. Congratulations on the pregnancy...what a cute little one! :)