Monday, November 9, 2009

A Million Questions

We had a phone consultation with the nurse from the fertility office last week and I was a little (ok, a lot) annoyed at their lack of sensitivity. I understand the importance of being thorough and screening patients but they seriously could have been more sensitive. First, they made us fill out a 20 page (I'm not joking) document full of personal and somewhat embarassing questions (modesty is apparently thrown out the window when you are TTC). I somewhat expected the questionnaire but what I didn't expect was for the nurse to grill me about the questionnaire during the phone consult.

Maybe I'm overreacting (which I'm known to do) but why have us fill out this stupid form if they are just going to ask us the same questions over the phone?! Not only did she re-ask the questions but she kept saying "are you sure?" after I would answer. Seriously?! YES I'M SURE! At one point she asked if I was charting/using an ovulation monitor (this was also on the form that she refused to read) and when I told her that I was doing both she actually asked, "well how's that going for you?". How in the heck does someone answer that question?
Did she want me to say, "Everything is going swell, I love working up early to temp". Instead I told her, "well not that good - that is why I'm talking to you"! She didn't respond to my sarcasm and continued with her stupid questions. I know she is just doing her job (her very annoying question asking job) but is all of this really necessary?!

This whole process has me extremely frustrated and I'm just feeling done with all of it...but unfortunately it has just begun for us so I will continue to answer these stupid questions if they get us one step closer to having a baby. We have an appointment with our fertility specialist tomorrow to discuss our options and any more tests I might have to do (the HSG test was mentioned...sounds like fun). I'm hopeful...and frustrated...but mainly hopeful.

CD 21

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