Monday, November 9, 2009

101 in 1001: More Progress

My 101 in 1001 list can be found HERE.

7. Organize garage so we can park our cars in there.

Both cars can FINALLY fit in our garage!! This was a HUGE task and I'm still exhausted from unpacking all of those boxes.

8. Have a yard sale.

We had a yard sale on Saturday and got rid of tons of stuff we no longer need...this would be why we can now park our cars in our garage!

9. Donate remaining yard sale items to Goodwill.

We loaded up our car with the remaining yard sale items and went straight to Goodwill. It feels good to purge all of that stuff and start fresh.

23. Make something in our slow cooker.

I'm not sure why but I had a serious fear of my crockpot. We received it for our wedding 2+ years ago and I had never even taken the thing out of its box...until last week! I started with a simple beans and rice recipe and I'm now a believer! I'm already planning my next crock pot meal.

29. Get to know a new neighbor.

Mr. Baby Fever and I went to our neighbor's Halloween party and met a ton of new neighbors that we hadn't met before.

45. Watch a movie starting with each letter of the alphabet. (2/26)

We saw This Is It on Sunday and loved it!

80. Use reusable grocery bags at least 15 times. (1/15)

I finally remembered to bring along my reusable grocery bags on my last trip to the grocery store. I really want to make this a permanent habit.

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