Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Baby Question

A "friend" from college (who I'm no longer close to) just sent me a random message on facebook asking me if Mr. Baby Fever and I were thinking about having babies anytime soon.

How I would like to respond: "Why? Are you planning on throwing us a baby shower or are you just being incredibly rude and nosey? Seeing as how we aren’t close friends anymore I would guess that it is the latter. Not that this is any of your business but DH and I have been thinking about and planning for babies for the past 5 years. We have been trying unsuccessfully for over a year now, again not that this is any of your business, and if I wanted you to know that I was trying to have a baby you would already know and you wouldn't have to ask me that question."

How I probably will respond: “Hey! How have you been? Mr. Baby Fever and I have thought about babies. Are you and Mr. Rude/Nosey planning on having babies anytime soon?”

(Avoidance and distraction, a great little trick I picked up being a counselor. Plus people really only ask questions so they can talk about themselves.)

Ugh. CD 31

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