Sunday, May 2, 2010


Let's start with the positive stuff first, my good friend just had her baby 3 days ago and I got to meet him today! I could have seriously held him all day, he's so tiny and precious! Holding him got me really excited for my own little guy's arrival. This is my friend's 2nd and last baby so she gave me all of her maternity clothes! I think she's just ready to be done with elastic waistbands. I'm super excited for new clothes...well, new for me!!

My friend's mom was telling my friend to advise me on how to have an easy birth - my friend apparently felt nothing and dialated super fast with petocin and an epidural. My friend told her mother that I was planning on a natural birth and of course I got the strange look and she said, "oh sweetie, you'll see how it is once you get to the hospital for delivery". She then proceeded to tell me about how her daughter in law hoped for a natural birth and asked for an epidural right when she arrived at the hospital. Gee thanks for the pep talk! I politely informed her that my mother had a natural birth after 2 days of labor and that if she can do it, so can I. Her response was, "oh really?", like she didn't believe me haha!

Why do people try and discourage me from attempting a natural birth?! This drives me crazy!! It's not like I'm sitting there talking crap about petocin and epidurals. I'm not sitting there preaching about the many risks of an epidural, so why do they feel the need to preach the "benefits"?! This is MY decision, NOT yours. Now I know why I'm not telling anyone outside of my immediate family that we're planning a home birth...

26 Weeks & 1 Day Pregnant


  1. Definitely give natural a try!! I did my best, but finally asked for the epi after 12 hours of active labor, 6 of which I was on pitocin.

    Next baby, I'll try for natural again... unless they give me pitocin. If I get that stuff, I'm getting the epidural immediately!

  2. YOU CAN DO IT! I had all natural...7:01 my water broke and I had him at 4:23 the same day...everything was tolerable and my dr nor nurse every asked me if I wanted anything...we are here for can do it!

  3. I hate it when people preach what they feel is right. It is your body, your decision. Just take what they say with a grain of salt. They aren't going to change your mind on it, so just smile and nod, then move on.

    Would you like to be a guest blogger talking about the benefits of a home birth?

  4. Hi! Ive been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I totally applaud you for your decision. I think it is brave and completely natural. If you have not seen Business of Being Born, you should watch it. Or even refer some of the nay sayers to it. Good luck!