Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy V-Day!

Don't worry, pregnancy brain hasn't completely taken over yet, I realize that today is not Valentine's Day. In pregnancy terms, V-day stands for "viability day", when the baby reaches 24 weeks gestation. At this point in pregnancy, the baby is now considered viable and the doctor's would take life saving measures because the chance of survival outside of the womb is higher. There would still be many complications if our baby was born at this point, so let's hope he stays in there for another 16 weeks! I'm still grateful to have reached such a huge milestone!

Time is really flying by now and it is starting to really sink in that in 16 weeks or so we will be the proud owners parents of a brand new baby boy! We've wanted this for so long and it still feels surreal that we are now living in the moment that we had hoped for. I don't want to wish away my pregnancy, I want to cherish each and every moment (heart burn, bloody noses and all). I don't want to take this for granted. When I stop and think that I'm creating a human being inside of, it just blows my mind!


  1. I saw this and though of you! :)

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  3. Super cute, thanks Rocky Mountain Mama!!