Monday, March 29, 2010

Project Nursery: Rugs

I'm in love, love, love with this hopscotch rug from CB2!! The only problem is that I'm leaning towards painting the walls a greyish color with a bluish grey accent wall. I figure that the grey walls will tone down this super colorful room, but will a grey rug be too much grey? I'm also not convinced that it will fit in with my woodland creature motif, but it is just so dang cute! I was also contemplating doing a green shag rug, which will definitely bring in more of a nature feel to the room. That might actually be better because our furbabies tend to claw up rugs that aren't shag, not that they'll be allowed in the nursery. Maybe I'll just have to wait and see what the room looks like after it's painted. Decisions, decisions...

21 weeks & 2 days pregnant

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