Wednesday, March 24, 2010

20 Week Doctor's Appointment

I had a routine doctor's appointment today and everything is looking great. I'm down 2 lbs since my last appointment...don't ask me how I managed to do that?! I'm still eating and working out the same. I'm still right where I need to be weight wise so my doctor is happy and I'm happy. Our little guy was hiding from the doppler so my doctor did a quick u/s to check his hear rate (it was 158 and perfect) and he was wiggling around (sooo cute!). My plan is to wait until after our 2nd anatomy u/s (we didn't get all the shots we needed at the 1st) before we make any decisions regarding a home birth.

In other news, we're making progress on our nursery. We now have bedding for our little guy!! My awesome mom bought the fab Skip Hop Mod Dots collection for us and it was recently delivered. It is so much cuter in person, I just love the colors and the pattern!

Next Up: Paint Colors & Closet Organization

20 weeks & 4 days pregnant