Friday, January 29, 2010

12 Week Appointment

I went to my 12 week appointment on Monday morning and it was the BEST doctor's visit yet! This appointment was with my physician's assistant and she was AWESOME, very knowledgeable and super sweet! They did a surprise ultrasound and because Mr. Baby Fever couldn't make it (he was already taking off early for the stupid NT Scan...grrr), the nurse allowed me to film it. Our little one turned completely around during the ultrasound as if to say, "Mom leave me alone I'm trying to sleep!" Baby then proceeded to stand on his/her head head haha! I totally think that our baby is totally advanced being able to do flips and all lol! You could see the developing spine in the ultrasound and the nurse said that everything is looking good. The baby's heart rate was at 148 , which is in the normal range. My heart completely melted seeing our little one on the screen and I get teary eyed just thinking about it. How is it possible to already be so in love with something so tiny?! It is surreal and absolutely amazing to think that I have this little person inside of me right now. Ok, I'm officially crying (dang hormones)! I felt my first flutter on Sunday and again yesterday - it felt like knocking from the inside and something I've never felt before. I know it's early and you probably think I'm crazy but I really don't think it was gas. I can't wait to feel a full on kick!

Baby @ 12 weeks 2 days

Here is the video from my u/s, you can hear the awesome nurse explaining our little blob (I've already watched it a million times!)...


  1. Aww that is so sweet and so great of her for letting you video that! What a wonderful memory to have on camera. :)

  2. That 12 week appointment with confirmation on an ultrasound was one of my favorite moments too!! Congrats on seeing the little baby!!! 148 is an awesome heartrate!

  3. Thats awesome, your ultrasound picture looks like a Violin! Mine looked like a snail...So cute!