Monday, December 28, 2009

Sharing Our News

Mr. Baby Fever and I spent the holidays with my family in NM and finally shared our good news with them. I woke up at 3am on Christmas morning to cramping and light spotting. I decided to call my doctor's after hours line and the doc told me that it sounded normal as long as the cramping and bleeding didn't continue to get worse. I of course stayed up all night checking for more blood but thankfully the spotting stopped after I called the doctor. We debated whether or not to tell my family on Christmas as planned but after getting a few more hours of sleep, we felt better about sharing our news with them.

After opening presents, we gave my parents handmade cards with this poem inside:

This Christmas we have a special present to share,

This is a gift that requires extra love and care.

It's not bright and shiny, or wrapped in a bow,

We just know that you'll treasure and love it so.

You may be wondering where this gift might be,

Since as you can see this card is empty.

Well, you can't play with this present today,

Because it hasn't arrived yet I'm sorry to say.

This gift is special and needs time to grow,

The wait is well worth it we want you to know!

In August your surprise will be ready for you,

Because that is when baby C is due!

They started crying and then we started crying! My mom has been there for me through all of our struggles with conceiving and this was a great moment to share with her. After lots of hugs and tears, we gave my parents a cute grandparents frame and an ornament. We wanted to tell Mr. Baby Fever's mom at the same time we told my parents but because she decided that she didn't want to travel with us, he had to tell her right before he left. I was disappointed that I didn't get to see her reaction but Mr. Baby Fever said that she was happy. I'm glad that she had time to digest the news because she tends to be a glass half empty type of person but she couldn't have been happier for us when we returned home.

My parents always host a Christmas party at their home and because we weren't sure when we would be visiting again, we wanted to also share the news with my close knit extended family. We always play games at our family gatherings so we planned to tell everyone during a game of charades. The game played out as usual - my silly family members making fools of themselves lol. When it was Mr. Baby Fever's turn, he acted out as if he were pregnant and when someone shouted, "PREGNANT!" he pointed to me and my uncle shouted, "Mrs. Baby Fever is pregnant?". The room was silent until I said, "and I'm due in August!" and then everyone started cheering and crying and more cheering and more crying! Mr. Baby Fever and I are both only children, I'm the only grandchild on my dad's side and the oldest grandchild on my mom's side so everyone has been waiting for this. It was a great way for us to share our news!

We have our first appointment tomorrow (FINALLY) and I'm just praying that our baby is developing as he/she should be. Wish us luck!

Aprox. 8 weeks & 2 days pregnant

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  1. Aww sounds like a wonderful Christmas!!