Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fertility Specialist

October 27th

That is our appointment date with the fertility specialist. I never thought that I would be making an appointment with a fertility specialist but that is where we are at. I'm not sure I'm ready to be here. According to Mr. Baby Fever's doctor "it is going to be extremely hard for you to conceive naturally". Those words are hard to digest. I have a million questions and a million more concerns. I guess my questions and concerns will have to wait...until October 27th.

CD 4


  1. what was their reasoning for this? Is it because of his sperm, you, or a combo of both?

  2. It was because of the sperm analysis. My tests didn't come back perfect but my doctor couldn't tell me that they would impact my fertility.

  3. I'm sorry Vanessa! I didn't realize you were going through so much. :( I hope everything goes smoothly when you meet with the fertility specialist.