Thursday, August 13, 2009


Mr. Baby Fever told me that he really thought that this was our lucky cycle. As much as I mentally prepared myself for disappointment, my hopes were still sky high. I had a good cry yesterday after AF crashed my party but today is a new day and I'm still hopeful.

I'm extremely grateful that my cycle was only 35 days long instead of 65. I'm grateful that my chart indicated that I ovulated. I'm also pumped about staying motivated to workout-I really feel like this is helping to get my cycles back on track.

DH asked me if I wanted to try acupuncture for fertility. I get physically ill in the presence of needles (even tiny ones) so I'm not sure if I'm up for this yet. Has anyone tried this?

CD 2


  1. I haven't, but several of the GPers have. GL!

  2. I haven't done acupuncture for fertility, but I have used it as a part of my physio for recovering from a hip injury. It feels *different* from the needles you get when having blood drawn. But it helped me, so I just dealt with the "differentness".

    I would suggest asking your friends for recs for a good acupuncturist - someone who is calm, and who will listen to you is a must! A couple of times the needle was not in a comfortable spot, so I just told her, and she moved it. But I can see some people saying "just deal with it", and that would not be ok in my book.

    It can be very relaxing too - so may be worth trying!