Friday, July 17, 2009

The Results Are In

I just got back from my doctor's apointment and for the most part my results were better than I expected.

We'll start with the good news, I've lost 5 pounds since my last doctor's apointment 5 weeks ago. Although I would have liked to have lost more, I will take what I can get. My liver is normal (it wasn't 6 weeks ago) and I no longer have h.pylori (something we were afraid was back).

Now for the really good news, my tests do not show that I have PCOS (although my doctor said she is keeping this on her radar because of other present symptoms).

As for the not so good news, cervical nabothian cysts are present but they shouldn't impact fertility (great news). I also have a midly heterogeneous myometrium (which can impact fertility) and require an MRI of the pelvis to give us more info.

Dr. C recommended that I continue charting both my temperature and cervical mucus. This is the first doctor that has been able to have a conversation with me about cervical mucus and what to look for! Unfortanately, Dr. C is only my primary (but an internal specialist) and had to refer me back to my obgyn for more specialized care. I think I'm going to chart the next couple cycles before I see an obgyn again. Dr. C also recommended that DH get a SA done, something we were already planning on doing. She of course recommended losing weight so that is the plan. I'm determined to make my uterus the best uterus ever lol.

CD 8


  1. Great about the mostly-good news! I just know that everything will work out for you...