Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Mother's Day

Image from Dear Baby

I hope all of the mothers (mothers-to-be, mothers of angel babies, mothers of 4 legged friends) out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! I know there is some debate (in forums and other places) about whether or not pregnant women are in fact mothers but my definition of a mother is someone who thinks about her child before she thinks about herself. I'm grateful to have a mother who has done just that - sacrificed and thought of my needs first. For the past 27 weeks I have tried to follow my mother's example by thinking of my growing baby boy before I even get out of bed in the morning. I think about what food he needs to grow into a healthy baby before I eat and *try* to stay away from junk. I choke down a protein shake every morning just for him (trust me, there is no amount of money in the world that would make me do this just for myself). I get in my nightly walks with Mr. Designs by Vanessa even when I feel like a 90 year old lady who needs a hip replacement (another pregnancy perk). Before he was even conceived I thought of him on a daily basis and started taking prenatals, started working out and cut out caffeine to help get my body prepared for him. So yes, I very much consider myself a mother. Every time I feel him kick or I hear his heartbeat at my midwives office, I feel like a mother.

Mr. Designs by Vanessa gave me a very sweet 1st Mother's Day Card signed from our baby. I won't embarrass him by sharing what he wrote in the card but let's just say that it was tear inducing sweet. Ok, one tiny little excerpt: That tiny kick you feel today will be our baby boy saying, "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!" and " I love you and can't wait to meet you face-to-face and cheek-to-cheek in a few short weeks from now". Isn't my hubby nauseatingly cute?! He also got me a very thoughtful keepsake box from Willow Tree featuring a mother and a son, I can't wait to put our baby's first curl in there! He definitely made my 1st Mother's Day special and I look forward to next year when our baby is out here to celebrate with us.

I hope someone made you feel special on Mother's Day!

27 weeks & 4 days pregnant

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