Monday, March 15, 2010

101 in 1001: Progress

My 101 in 1001 list can be found HERE.

2. Track weight loss progress with monthly pictures.

Well, I've been tracking weight gain with monthly bump pictures lol! I think this counts so I'm crossing it off my list.

13. Look into replacing blinds with shutters.

Done and done! Now we just need to decide how many windows we can do.

22. Try 8 new recipes. (1/8)

I made these yummy Sweet Potato Fries last week in honor of our baby being the size of a sweet potato!

24. Attend 4 musicals or plays. (2/4)

Wow, I really haven't updated this in awhile! We saw the Nutcracker Ballet back in November and Legally Blonde in December.

27. Send 10 cards to friends just because. (3/10)

I sent a good luck card to my cousin who just moved to another state for college, a happy engagement card to a friend, and a card to another friend for her new pregnancy.

28. Send 10 cards to family members just because. (2/10)

Sent a card to my grandma and mom just because.

30. Find a rug for our dining room.

Found a new shag rug from Ikea for our dining room.

33. Read 20 books. (4/20)

I've read Baby Bargains and Baby Catcher - loved them both!

37. Do something nice for DH/10 times. (1/10)

DH has been wanting Mr. Steamy and I surprised him with it.

39. Try 10 new restaurants. (3/10)

We've been to Red Devil (I had a salad and it was just ok, DH's pizza was yummy!) and YC's Mongolian Grill (sooooo good!).

41. Get at least 15 articles published in magazines – online or print. (3/15)

I've gotten a few more articles published on Craftzine.

44. Take bile salts with every meal for 1 month.

I did this pre-pregnancy but I'm not really sure if they helped my digestive issues. Now I obviously don't want to take any other meds other than prenatals.

45. Watch a movie starting with each letter of the alphabet. (6/26)

We've seen Avatar, It's Complicated & Up In The Air...all good movies!

49. Visit Sedona.

We spent our New Year's Eve in Sedona. I love this place!!

69. Find 10 things to love about living in Arizona. (2/10)

I LOVE that AZ doesn't ever change its time!!

70. Attend a Phoenix Coyote game.

Done and done! Sooo much fun!

77. Go hiking.

We went hiking while we were in Sedona.

84. Buy 5 things on Etsy. (2/5)

I bought this cute Woodland Print for my nursery.

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