Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Next Chapter

I've wanted to become a mom since before I can even remember and when I met my husband I knew he would make a terrific father. I remember us talking about children very early on when we first started dating and I remember us starting to save for a baby before we were even married. I remember us coming up with a plan to start trying shortly after our wedding. When we had difficulty trying to conceive I felt like my life was on hold, like I couldn't move on to the next chapter in my life that I so desperately wanted to be in. I would wish, hope, pray for a baby every single day. It just hit me today that I'm finally able to turn the page, I have arrived in the next chapter in my life. I keep saying this but I'm incredibly grateful for this experience and I'm looking forward to becoming a mom.

We have our NT Scan tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to seeing our little one again. I hope that he/she is healthy and that we are able to see a strong heartbeat. If all goes well, we plan on announcing our news to our extended family and friends. Wish us luck!

Aprox. 12 weeks & 1 days pregnant

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  1. Im so excited for you to have got your dream I hope all goes well with the u/s tommorrow lets us no.