Sunday, June 28, 2009

Period, show your face!

I'm a nauseous and queasy mess right now, but yet the stupid HPT still tells me that I'm not pregnant. You know you want to be pregnant when you start believing that all 10 of those tests you peed on were defective. Maybe I should pee on #11 just to make sure. I'm single-handedly making sure that Clear Blue Easy does not go out of business.

I'm officially on day 52 of my cycle and no sign of my period. Come on, 52 days?! 52 days has never felt so long in my life. I feel like yelling at my period, "SHOW YOUR FACE! I know you are lurking in the shadows waiting to come out when I least expect it- like when I'm at work and a tampon is nowhere in sight".

Day 52 and counting...

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